Terms of Service


Pinnacle Property Care (“The Company”, “We”) is a lawn mowing and garden maintenance small business that is committed to quality gardening and personal service. To ensure great long-term partnerships with our clients (“The client”, “You”) we have a number of terms and conditions that we ask all our clients to read and adhere to when doing business with us.

Agreement: By continuing with the service, you (Client) accept the following terms and conditions.

Quotes and Estimates

All prices include GST (If required) and are valid for 5 working days. Please note that should the nature of the work change, a new quote will be required. If additional unforeseen costs are incurred during work, all reasonable attempts of confirmation from you will be made.

Our standard rate is $60 per hour not including GST. Additional equipment will incur a higher rate.

We reserve the right to amend the initial quotation, should the original requirements change or upon our inspection of the property.


Invoices will be sent to you upon completion of the service. Payment can be made by either cash or direct deposit within 14 days of receiving the invoice.

Accounts not paid within terms are subject to a 0.83% monthly finance charge on any outstanding amounts.

Any expenses or costs incurred by Pinnacle Property Care in recovering any outstanding amounts, including debt collection agency fees or commissions and all legal costs will be payable by the client.

Site Access

Providing access to the property is your responsibility at the agreed time. Failure to do so, may result in the area not being serviced and in some cases, a fee of $40.00 may be charged.


Use of power equipment may result in debris becoming fast moving projectiles and while all work by Pinnacle Property Care is subject to due care, you (Client) have a responsibility to provide a safe working environment. This includes safe access and removal of debris and objects including but not limited to, stones, tools, toys, bolts and rubbish from the work area for the safety of the operator, bystanders, pets, equipment, and property. We will endeavour to remove such items but do not accept any responsibility for damage caused under routine circumstances except where negligence has occurred, or where Australian law requires.

We understand accidents do happen and we will make sure each incident is investigated individually and if we are found to be liable, we carry Public Liability Insurance. Please report the matter to us by phone or email within 24 hours, with full particulars provided in writing (email or letter) within 7 days. Please include photos where applicable.

Nothing in these terms operates to limit or exclude liability that cannot by law be limited or excluded.


The Client can cancel or reschedule the agreed service by giving us at least 48 hours notice. Failure to provide us with the needed notice will result with a $40.00 cancellation fee.

We reserve the right to refuse any job if its condition is hazardous to the health and wellbeing of our staff.

Pinnacle Property Care has the right to cancel or reschedule a service in cases where an accident or any unexpected circumstances has occurred to staff of the company.

Obligations of the Client

The Client shall be responsible for the removal of any objects e.g. toys, furniture, pet waste, rubbish, stones, tools etc that will hinder the operator in performing under this agreement or present an unreasonable amount of risk of injury or damage.

The Client shall keep all pets secured inside a building or fenced area and shall keep people away from the operators area of work for the safety of all parties concerned whilst the operator is performing services unless permission is given by the operator.

Obligations of Pinnacle Property Care

Any work undertaken us is covered by a Public Liability Insurance.

We are professionals and take all due care to ensure that incidents do not occur.


Our basic lawn mowing service includes removal of lawn clippings. Additional pruning, weeding and clean up services do not include waste collection and will incur additional cost.

If you have engaged us to provide a regular service, numerous factors can affect our schedule, therefore we are not able to specify an exact time of your regular service.

Updates to Terms

We reserve the right to make any changes and corrections to these terms at any time.

If any provision of these terms is held void, unenforceable or illegal, that provision will be severed, and the remaining provisions will have full force and effect.